Some Good Reasons To Choose Fibre


Low latency on gaming, Noboby will be stealing your copper cables, Increase value of your property and cheaper and more realiable than ADSL. Much Much faster than any Broadband Technology out there…

Ultra Fast

Fibre is 50 times faster than Adsl or any wireless technology out there…

Ultra Reliable

Fibre is much more reliable than copper and wireless technology as it travels at the speed of light. It is not distance sensitive or affected by EMF interference…


Uninterrupted streaming or downloading of your favourite, series, movies,music, games and so much more…

Max Bandwidth

*The bandwidth which you subscribe too is the bandwidth you receive period.









Why Choose Us

Best Service

Tired of being treated as a number? and listening to a “scripted” technical routine. Good news is that we treat each and every query on a personal level and try our utmost best to get you online in no time. We also offer personalised Data and Wifi installations as to make your internet connection experience special. Ask us about these offerings

Our subscribers are priority

We always strive to keep our subscriber happy. We are a passionate and committed team that prioritises our customers needs, wants and dreams on the fibre internet of things

Browse, Stream, Shop and Game

We are currently using the Octotel and Century City Connect fibre infrastructure to provide you with connectivity. We are in the process of boarding on other Open Access Fibre Providers. Watch this space for more details



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